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Acting Principal: Mrs. Katrina Sewell    email: ksewell@sd73.bc.ca
Vice Principal: Ms. Darlene Gordon     email: dgordon@sd73.bc.ca
Secretary: Mrs. Mallory Gosse              email: mgosse@sd73.bc.ca
PO Box 380, 530 Cottonwood Street.
Chase, B.C. V0E 1M0
Phone: (250) 679-3269
Fax: (250) 377-2247

Safe Arrival (24 Hours): 1-844-350-2647 - please phone BEFORE 8:40 am, otherwise the system will call you after 9 am and you will have the option to dismiss an absence at the end of the automated recording . You may also download the Free Mobile App at go.schoolmessenger.ca if you have given your email address to the school.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

Wilhelm von Humboldt

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    School Hours
    by Mallory Gosse - Friday, 6 July 2018, 3:10 PM

    School is now closed for the summer.

    We will be re-opening Monday August 27th at 8:00am. If you need to register students for the upcoming school year, it is strongly recommended to come in during this week as we get very busy once school is in session on September 4th.

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer!

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    Jump Rope For Heart
    by Renae Gartrell - Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 9:06 AM

    Jump Rope For Heart

    Congratulations to the students and community of Chase for raising $3,265 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation through Haldane's Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser!  Big congratulations to our top 3 fundraisers:
    #1 - Garret M in Ms. LeBlanc's class ($320)
    #2 - Samantha F in Ms. Lee's class ($279)
    #3 - Zoe S in Mrs. Calvert's class ($199)

    Also congratulations to Mr. McArthur's class as the top fundraising classroom - $490!! WOW

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    Summer Reading and Math Camps
    by Mallory Gosse - Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 9:19 AM

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    SOGI 123 Parent Information
    by Katrina Sewell - Thursday, 3 May 2018, 2:45 PM

    SOGI 1 2 3 has launched new SOGI 1 2 3 Parent Videos that address questions about SOGI 1 2 3 and SOGI-inclusive education in schools. The videos are designed for parents and family members to view and learn about SOGI 1 2 3 in various grade-levels. The goal of the videos is to debunk some of the common misinformation in the media and to support parents in their understanding of SOGI-inclusive education. The SOGI 1 2 3 Parent Videos are available to view and download now on SOGIeducation.org/parents