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Haldane Athletics
by Renae Gartrell - Wednesday, 6 April 2016, 9:45 AM

Flag Football & Relay Fest

Flag Football has started up at Haldane Elementary and will run the month of April into early May.  Thank you to Mr. Roszmann and Mr. Hine for coaching the team this year!  Game schedule will be out shortly.



Kamloops Track & Field Club is holding their annual Indoor Relay-Fest at TCC on Wednesday, April 13 afterschool.  Haldane has boys and girls teams from Grade 4 through 7 participating in the 4X100 relay race event.  These relay races are always very exciting and fun to participate in!  This event is great preparation for the upcoming track and field season and school, zone and district events.  Haldane's school track meet is on Tuesday, May 17 followed by the Zone meet on Tuesday, April 24 and District meet on Friday, April 27th.


Good luck to all athletes!