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What's All the Buzz?

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What's All the Buzz?
by Renae Gartrell - Friday, 10 June 2016, 2:03 PM

What's All the Buzz??

honey bee


Mrs. Gartrell and kindergarten and grade one students in Mrs. Markin's class did some research on honey bees and their important job and wondered why honey bees are dying all over the world.  We found lots of information on honey bees and pollination.  Click on the honey bee above to watch our VoiceThread we made using pictures of our art work, as well as other beautiful pictures of honey bees and their hives.  Our VoiceThread also explains ways everyone can chip in to HELP SAVE OUR BEES!


The Bees in Decline - Greenpeace (

David Suzuki Foundation (

Bring Back the Bees (