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Option to move Grade 7 Students to Secondary Schools

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Option to move Grade 7 Students to Secondary Schools
by Mallory Gosse - Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 10:35 AM

December 12, 2017

Dear parents,

Re: Option to move Grade 7 students to secondary schools

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you about an option that was approved for consideration by our
Board of Education at Monday’s public board meeting.

As part of the Long-Range Facilities Plan, District staff proposed the option of moving Grade 7 students from elementary schools to secondary schools in the communities of Chase, Barriere and Clearwater. The option is designed to improve the educational experience of our Grade 7 students by providing them access to programs and courses they do not have the chance to explore in our elementary schools.

The Board approved the concept and agreed to consult parents in the communities to see if this is an idea they would support. At this stage, this is only a concept. Final decisions have not been made. The Board will wait until after community consultation takes place before making a final decision.

We are planning consultation meetings and options to solicit your thoughts and opinions. We will provide more details about these events and options once they become available but we expect District staff and trustees will visit our community in January to further discuss the concept.

District staff proposed the idea largely for two reasons. First, it provides students access to courses such as shops, other specialty areas and counselling. These courses are only available at the secondary school level, however, earlier access to these programs could prove beneficial to many of our students. Second, moving Grade 7 students to the secondary schools will improve the balance in student populations. Rural schools do not suffer the same space crunch as some schools in our district but efficient use of space is always an important consideration. Moving a small number of students to the secondary school will allow us to consider how we can best use our space to benefit our Kindergarten to Grade 6 students.

Again, this is only an option. We look forward to having a conversation with you about the idea to learn your thoughts, and see if this is something you would be prepared to support. We will be in touch soon regarding next steps.

Alison Sidow,
Superintendent, School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson)