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Board's Decision on Grade 7 Proposal

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Board's Decision on Grade 7 Proposal
by Katrina Sewell - Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 4:26 PM

April 23, 2018


SD 73 Board approves moving Grade 7s in Chase and Barriere to secondary schools for September 2018

KAMLOOPS — Starting in September 2018, Grade 7 students in Barriere and Chase will have classes in the secondary school instead of at the community elementary schools, SD 73 trustees decided Monday.

The decision to move students was finalized at the public board meeting in Kamloops. The Board decided to proceed with the proposal in Barriere and Chase but not in Clearwater, where many people were opposed. For Clearwater, trustees voted to remain with the status quo, which means Grade 7s will stay in the elementary school. The votes followed an extensive period of consultation with parents, staff and students in all the communities that included public meetings and presentations, an online consultation portal as well as email and paper-based feedback options.

The District’s Long-Range Facilities Plan, which was released in December 2017, contained the proposal to move Grade 7 students from elementary schools to secondary schools in Chase, Clearwater and Barriere for the 2018-19 school year. The proposal suggested such a move could benefit Grade 7 students by providing them with earlier access to academic and other specialty programs (such as shop programs), and academic counselling not available in elementary schools. As well, it addressed emerging concerns regarding space pressure in the elementary schools, particularly in regard to the allocation of special purpose rooms (music rooms, etc.).

“This move will give many young people a unique opportunity to explore their passions and interests in ways they would not have the chance to do in an elementary school. Our elementary schools offer an excellent education but this will offer Grade 7s access to special equipment, higher level instruction and unique support services,” said District Superintendent Alison Sidow. “We’re excited to see this proposal move forward in these two communities.”