Student Safe Arrival

To report your child's absence please call this toll free number before 8:40 am: 1-844-350-2647

If you call from your home phone registered with the school, the system will know who you are and will bring up your child(ren) names for submission

If you call from a number unknown to the system, you will need to enter your home phone number to access

There is a website which you can access if you have given the school your email address.  Once we have your email, you will get a registration link sent to you within 24-36 hours.


There is also a FREE mobile app, which you access through the website above (you need to register and authenticate before downloading the app).

The app is the fastest way to report your child's absence.


PAC News

Haldane PAC is now signed up with Mabel's Labels! Help your student keep track of their belongings and keep the schools Lost & Found clean, by ordering labels for your student's belongings. 20% of all sales goes back to our school.  All you need to do is click the link, choose 'support a fundraiser', type Haldane, and start shopping!

Mabel's Labels


Haldane Munch a Lunch - Place orders or register a new account.


A PAC representative will email account holders when hot lunch days are coming up. All hot lunch dates for the year are set and account holders can also go ahead and pre-order/pay anytime. Payment can be made through the Munch a Lunch site or directly to the school.

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